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Our Services
With two locations to conveniently serve you, C&M Tires has been providing Northern Utah with quality and affordable automotive repairs, services, tires and wheels for over 25 years. Whether it’s our Roy or Clearfield location, from the moment you walk into C&M tires, your vehicle is our number one priority. From oil changes, to tires, wheels, lift kits and brakes, to alignments, engine repairs, shocks, and rims, we have the brands you want with the know-how to get it done right. We can even do your yearly state emissions and safety inspections. Each of our mechanics is ASC Certified, so you know you’re in good hands. Our prices are reasonable – we’re large enough to pass along great savings to you, yet small enough to make sure you get the one-on-one service you deserve. 

Not only is your vehicle braking system critical, it's critical for your safety.

We have the personnel and experience to do the job right, and do it once.

Stop in for a Free Brake Inspection. You don't want to know bout a problem when it's too late.

Your vehicles electrical system is more than just a battery.
We have the knowledge and equipment to properly diagnose and correct the issue.
We'll get you back on the road with the confidence your vehicle will give you trouble free operation.

If you have more than 30,000 miles on your vehicle it's time to have the suspension system evaluated for proper function.
A bad syspension system is not only dangerous it tends to cause a host of other problems.
People think because it's not noticable it's not a problem.
The time to find out the truth is NOT after an issue or a collision.
Time to be ProActive.

Quick Lube:
We also do complete lubrication.
One thing we need to mention, during a lubrication we are constantly checking your vehicle to make sure we don't see any other issues that could bite you down the road.
Many customers prefer our lubrication service because not only are we competitively priced, we also do a once over to spot and correct problems before they become Major issues.

Auto Repair:
From Air Conditioning to the Real End, and everything in between, we have you covered.
Our A.S.E. Certified mechanics can tackle the issue and get you back on the road.

State Inspection Station:
We understand that our customers have better things to do that spend a lot of time getting their inspection certificate.
We get you in and out, and there is no reservation required.
Just stop in and we handle it so you can get back to your life.

Suspension Kits:
Want to JAZZ up your ride?
We can help. We have access to several different manufacturers to get exactly what you need.
One Very Important Point.
You DO NOT want to get your vehicle suspension altered by just any mechanic. You need to be working with a Tire Shop that has the disgnostics and service equipment to make sure everything is in specifications. Think about it, if you have a wreck because of an improperly installed suspension kit, who's fault is it?

Routine Maintenance:
It's the Little Things that count.
Something as simple as adjusting the air pressure in your tires can same you a lot of money over the long run.
Our routine inspections check to make sure things are running smoothly.
The time to fiind an issue is when it's in our shop, not when you are 1/2 way to St. George in the middle of nowhere.

Belts and Hoses:
What about the Belts and hoses? Spotting a bad belt and getting it corrected can save you Hundreds of dollard because when a belt goes out it usually takes something else out as well.
A bad hose is just as bad because when it goes you are not only stranded, you lose the coolant and have the risk of other damage as well.

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Our Quick-Lube lane is usually available with little or no wait.

Are you current on your Rotation and Balance? It will make your car drive better, last longer and be safer.

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With Winter just around the corner, why not bring your vehicle in for that Once Over to make sure you aren't stranded.

Did you realize that if your factory recommended maintenance is not current many vehicle manufacturers will deny warranty coverage?
You do not need to do this at the dealership. Our A.S.E. Certified Technicians have you covered.